Photo Art Therapy online/ in Amsterdam

Explore your body as a landscape

Take a closer look at your self-portraits, poses, movements, and patterns. Let your body speak the story, express what was suppressed for many years. Your body became your true home and a safe place to live and thrive.
Photo Art Therapy online/ in Amsterdam

Explore your body as a landscape

Take a closer look at your self-portraits, poses, movements, and patterns. Let your body speak the story, express what was suppressed for many years. Your body became your true home and a safe place to live and thrive.
Art Therapy program "Body Landscapes"

Trauma-Informed Approach.

Aim: Restore Brain-Heart-Womb connection. Befriend somatic massages through visual forms. Correct Body Image. Overcome dissociation.

Trust in the Inner Wisdom and follow the feminine flow.

Duration: 15 sessions. PDF Workbook with practices.

Methods: Somatic Art Therapy, PhotoTherapy, Mindfulness practices, Guided Imagery

Body Awareness and Trauma Healing
Interoception and Propriocertion.
We develop mindfull awareness of everything whats going on in the body and mind continuum.

Work on connection between brain, heart and womb, to build the peace and agreement inside and follow our inner wisdom.

How does Art Therapy help in healing trauma?

Self-confrontation with photographs of one's body parts and full-length portraits.

Drawing and painting all phenomena which give disturbance and pain. Do visual form, name and express emotions.
Cancer recovery. The way to befriend the body after betrayal.
1 time per week, 2 hours in ZOOM of offline in Amsterdam.
Theoretical basis

Special workbook helps you explore the body and mind from week to week, observe changes in emotions, and life events.

Regular exercise, for at least 15 minutes, allows you to make contact with the body stronger and stronger, and the signals coming from the body become clearer. Women listen to themselves and HEAR.

Only you can see symbols at your body.
Your personal Myth
“Marka, thank you!!! For the first time, I carefully studied and examined my body.
I listened to him and was glad that I accepted him.
Yes. First. On the eve of the 60th anniversary.
The course “Body Landscapes” is a time of discovery and awareness.
There were many of them, but there are deep ones: a different look at the father, closure
a very sore subject, feeling your worth and
a long-awaited feeling - I am there. In addition, the connection with Rod
and understanding of your task, a specific mission in this topic.
Such deep and important insights and acquisitions
and transformation. The result is the joy of the unity of soul and body. They are friends)))
On the same team))) And they are on the same path!

Marka, thank you for the very comfortable atmosphere in the group.
We are all very different, but we were united by one thing: the desire to become
closer to yourself. How many emotions were experienced together during a powerful
group and your support! Thank you for being eco-friendly
build these difficult psychological processes🙏
Your method of work is a new, impressive Co-being for me!
Thanks to all the group members!
So beautiful, “unsleeping”, young!”
This time is a beautiful and long journey.
Daily drawings and photographs of your body, and once a week careful and deep work at Zoom meetings.

I've probably never taken so many pictures of myself before. It turned out that the body can speak to us in the language of images and it speaks the truth. The meaning of symptoms and body signals became clear. There is more warmth, kindness and acceptance towards oneself.

It was an amazing adventure. I painted at dawn and under the stars, talked with my ancestors, walked through the fields barefoot, painted with herbs as brushes and flowers as paints, burned fires and felt the power of water on myself, wrote fairy tales.

The main result of the therapeutic group is the release of changes into the real world. Daily small steps continue, and now it’s not just anywhere, but along the intended path)).

The group was also very useful to me from a professional point of view - I use many methods for myself and for my students.

Marka is an amazing presenter. Lively, real, warm and sincere. Her voice reading my story still rings in my ears, and her supportive and inspiring words went straight to my heart. She has a wide range of art therapy tools, of which photo therapy is definitely my favorite.

On the first and last day of the group we did a body scan. There are changes! Some blocks have gone away completely, but with some we have become friends and will find a common language. The journey continues!
Art Therapist
Each meeting of the “Body Landscapes” course is a return to yourself. A lot of important realizations happened to me and I would like to outline them now, to summarize the results of very important work:

- Being a woman is not about shame, it is about pride;
- Mistakes are an inevitable indicator of my growth and development;
- The highest point of development is the depth of knowledge, this admiration for beauty, the ability to see it in everything. It's not about drowning, it's about learning to swim and dive to depth;
- Always face the truth, be honest with yourself, trust yourself and your feelings, only I know the right answer (I once forgot how to trust myself, my intuition was always right, but my mind found evidence and many excuses);
- Stop grieving over your childhood, grow up, thank your parents and your family for life;
- Take care of yourself, take care of yourself, protect your borders.

This is a very deep work about freedom, purpose, liberation from restrictions, escape from restraint, my uniqueness, beauty, inner artist, peace of mind from contact with death and life - the inevitable cycles of human existence.
THANK YOU MARKA!!! For me, you are a guide to another level of life. I am very glad that we met by chance)))
"I began to notice a widening gap between self-image and real acceptance a long time ago. But there were enough problems and this one was not perceived as the most important among all that was happening. In addition, I had been in therapy for quite a long time and believed that by removing the nails from my head, it would be possible to partially solve this problem. “All accidents are not accidental” (damn, I feel like I’m only watching cartoons) and I saw Mashina’s ad.

First of all, I was struck by the phrase about not recognizing one’s reflection in a shop window when one accidentally saw it. It's about me. It's me. I didn’t just not recognize myself. Sometimes I scared myself. And here is a proposal! Tempting. Scary. And I have therapy, depression and a critical situation in my life. And there are photos, drawings, creativity and meditations (where am I, and where are the meditations). I decided to take a risk.

I will say that I was not an ideal student. I rescheduled meetings, got confused, didn’t always complete all tasks, and put off completing them until the last moment. I admire Masha, who accepted all this with understanding and attention.

With all this, every time I looked forward with pleasure to the moment when I would finally be alone with the camera, sketch pad, felt-tip pens and myself. And in the morning I will meet with my Art Therapist. Because the whole program is structured so wonderfully that there is no way to do the work “on the back foot.” You get too many discoveries, wow effects, connections and mechanisms for working with your body (and not only with it). There were moments when thoughts slipped through: “Are we really talking about the body now?!” Yes, about him. But not only.

I brought to light old pains, grievances, fears, attitudes and prejudices. And my gait changed, my back straightened, I looked more and more into the eyes in response, defended myself. I started talking about what I was afraid to say for several years, I started asking for help. Perhaps I even understood why I needed to go through oncology and accept the fact that the threat of return would be with me all my life.

I learned a lot about myself. We get used to it, get used to a certain perception of ourselves. We build an image based on someone else’s and alien judgments and carry it through life, confident that we are the real ones. It turns out that you can be different and from the shock “is it me?” you move on to the joyful recognition of “yes, it’s me!” You accept yourself and carry this knowledge with you without challenge, breakdown or tragedy. At the same time, you see how much work remains ahead. But this meeting - recognition is so cool that you want to keep it with you, walk next to it, live in it. Because “I have me and together we can cope.”
Expert in the field of government procurement
We had a month of intense work, during which I opened and opened all the deeply hidden chests of blocks, fears, imposed ideas about myself, about my body. About what I think, feel, how it looks from the outside and feels from the inside.

This course became that delicious and much-needed final berry to complete the long journey called “what is this my own body.” And yes, many probably wouldn’t even think that I’ve been dealing with this topic for so long and so A LOT, but it’s true.

Now there will be mega-recognition. I'm a tadpole. More precisely, it was a tadpole. My life, my feelings, my decisions, my food, my schedule, my movement - everything was subordinated to the head and its decisions. My brain was deciding everything around the clock - from how I feel to what I should eat and when. If this sounds like the norm, it's not the norm. The brain did not take into account real sensations, sometimes (crossed out) very often it blocked what the body was trying to convey. That it is tired, that it is in pain, that it is cold or hungry. The brain lived according to the laws of war, devoting maximum resources to survival, and this was not beneficial.

The awareness of this state of affairs came last year and I began to deal with this topic. A lot of. I worked with psychologists, in sports, in examinations, in meditation, in yoga practices, I tried everything that came.

And here is the course “Body Landscapes”. Marka's tasks. And I... draw. I take pictures. I’m drawing again... We discuss drawings at online meetings with Marka and I... am drawing again. And I also feel, I observe myself and the world around me and see, feel, feel both myself and the world. I'm learning to breathe again, I'm starting to trust my body again, and my brain is beginning to perceive the body as a partner (and this is also a partnership). I'm never an artist, but this month I spent a ton of gouache, I got high on watercolors, I saw myself. I heard. I began to appreciate and love even more.

The machine course helped me to hear my body, feel it, and trust it. My drawings opened such secret rooms and chests that I not only didn’t suspect, I… forgot about them! With my mega-brain, I FORGOT about those painful events that my body continued to store.

And here the point is not entirely in the method itself. The point here is a combination of the method that Marka invented and developed and in Marka herself. The way she feels, the way she reveals the drawings, the precise way she asks questions - helps to see, hear, and realize many things, situations, and fears that were closed until that moment. She guides you through the meeting process so precisely that chests that have kept secrets for years, decades, fly into the light and reveal all their hidden corners.

I pulled out a bunch of pain, fears, and unnecessary garbage.
I pulled it all out and made room for myself.
For your feelings. For your own life.

It's hard for me to describe this in text, but it works. For those who don’t see, don’t feel their beauty, their feelings, and basically don’t feel themselves - here you are)
Financial advisor
"The thought that at the age of 31 it was time to work with the body, on accepting it, on loving it, came to me more and more often. The course came to my attention by accident, but on time, and hit the mark: Here it is, that's what I need!

...Several years ago I was faced with the horror of having to accept my body. That is, we won’t be able to push him away, hide him and be just a “talking head”; we won’t be able to develop with him separately. My inner self would like to be separate, but this does not work and will not work.

Gradually, I came to the realization of the only way: I would have to accept the body, and most likely through pain and tears.
I am following this path gradually, and for the last couple of years I have not been driving away thoughts about my body, but have been looking around and looking for where and with whom to talk about my body from the right angle.

The “LT” course is a gentle exploration of yourself from the inside, but not through the brain/mind/mind/reason, but through sensations/feelings/visualizations and through drawing and photography. That is, everything subtle and barely perceptible is translated into the language of color, shape, lines, images.

My main discovery is the answers to any of my questions inside me, but not in my head, as I previously thought, but anywhere in my body. The body turned out to be a single system with spirit, mind, and cosmos. I am the body too. It's difficult to convey in words. And I like this system, this world. I received an algorithm for diagnosing my condition.

Something is nagging, discomfort somewhere, emotions have surfaced and ruined your mood? - just find them in the body, sketch them, see them more clearly, interpret, talk to this part, hear a clear answer, and then transform them through paper and paints or something else.

This process is not final. It's like working out in the gym. The main thing is to acquire this skill, and then it is important to practice both yourself and with a coach.

Marka is a wonderful guide to the world of your Self. Everything will be soft and deep. We continue to work together and find answers to the most important questions. "
I didn’t know what “art therapy” was, but I knew for sure that I needed it. Some inner instinct and a long life in my head suggested that I simply needed to work with my body, restore contact, loosen up and become freer.

I was a little scared. From the unknown. And I was afraid of harsh methods. I didn’t want to be torn apart and have to put myself back together again.

Marka suggested a get-to-know-you session, and then make a decision whether to move on or not.
I agreed. And I found myself in a space of absolute acceptance. I felt trust and boldly followed her. We meditated. And such clear images emerged in me that I couldn’t wait to finish: I really wanted to tell everything before I forgot - there was so much!

So I realized that my body was talking to me. And I was surprised how active and loud it was.

The body remembers - this thought happened to me as an insight in one of the following sessions. The body remembers everything, even what I forgot or didn’t want to remember. It carefully stores this information and is ready to share it as soon as I am ready to accept it.

At the first meeting, during meditation, my tears flowed. The body immediately showed pain points, the most vulnerable wounds, what needed to be treated and healed - and this pain came out along with tears. I think there were still tears because I finally paid attention to my body. The body was waiting and missing.

It was very valuable to me that Marka was with me. And I didn’t stay in this state. She carefully escorted me to the light. She waited patiently until I paid everything. And then she shared with me the joy of liberation.

Yes exactly!
It was liberating.

I felt at ease. And joyfully.
I smiled.
I think this is living and transformation.
And it was so alive!
And for real.
I felt alive.
I felt energy pulsating under my skin.
For the first time so clearly in a long time.
I felt heat in my body.
And this is such a thrill, guys!

Of course, after
I decided to move on)
Not even after -
and still in progress))

Thank you, my dear Marka
“It’s difficult for me to write a review about the work on this course, because while taking it I was in a state of emotional exhaustion caused by a personal problem. But, I want to share my thoughts. I’ll tell my story. I never had acceptance of my body, I was embarrassed to hold it straight my back, I hated my belly and wanted to cut it off, my neck embarrassed me. I seemed like an ugly duckling, but a smart ugly duckling. And something was constantly stopping me... I wanted to fly, but I couldn’t. Years passed, I scolded myself, the relationship collapsed. .

Having seen Mark's course, I grabbed the last thread, the hope of deliverance. We didn't know each other before this. I was not, I decided! I'll take a risk! There was a lot of work and even more work remains to be done. After 10 sessions, I was surprised to realize that this was my body! I am the mistress of my body, it loves me, appreciates me, but I need to help it make friends with me.

With surprise, I notice that I eat less, I began to return to life again, I have the energy to live! Marka guided me very gently and unobtrusively with her help. Sometimes we argued with her, sometimes I did the tasks poorly, but the process continued even through my laziness and lack of energy. The sessions included interesting exercises, original meditations and lots and lots of colors! As a psychotherapist herself, Mark is very subtle, sincere, and ethical. It's safe and comfortable with her! And I constantly want to take it away and share my warmth! But these are my feelings. From the course you will finally get the main thing: faith and self-love! "
"Thank you for the huge amount of inspiration that I received while taking this course!

From the very beginning, the decisive moment for me was “allowing the images to be.” A sudden and deep understanding that the images that come and respond to me externally and internally are not random, but resonate with my inner world.
It would seem obvious things, but you understand them on a deeper level, which was prevented by the internal appraiser. As it turned out, my system of images and sensitivity to them is very rich; I just had to disidentify with the “voice in my head.”

It’s amazing how step by step, meeting by meeting, these individual images develop and form a coherent picture of your inner world. Moreover, you discover these connections both in conversation and in the process of visualization and editing of photographs. This is just about how important it is not to remain only at the level of words, but to get to know your body in practice.

My request was to accept my femininity, to feel confident in myself. And during the course, not at the level of the mind, but at the level of feelings, the immature image that was formed at the first meeting was transformed into a lush, fragrant bouquet. A bouquet of responsibility, peace and self-confidence.

During the course, I received a whole map of my body, my image system, realized many connections that I had not realized about before, and felt in which direction I needed to move for further development and self-exploration.
It was a real journey, and what is especially inspiring is that it is unique for each, each has its own Universe inside.

Thank you very much for this opportunity, for being such a sensitive and attentive specialist. I wish to continue to inspire as many people as possible! "
I would like to thank Marka for the opportunity to take part in a session of her author’s course “Body Landscapes”. It was a small group of participants unfamiliar to me, the lesson was held online, on the ZOOM platform.

It was my first experience of body-oriented and Art therapy online.
The session consisted of several fairly well-constructed, self-sufficient blocks, which ultimately bore fruit. Looking at my drawing, I saw my current state more clearly and also received a specialist’s perspective on my history - which complemented my picture!

And another amazing aspect of such work: interaction in the group was also present, as when working with a live group! This is very valuable to me!
And this, to some extent, debunked my myth - that good work can only be done live)) Thanks to Maria and other participants in the process🧡
"Dear Marka!

I was lucky enough to attend your open master class on the topic “Breasts...” How interesting it turns out to be to look at familiar parts of yourself in a completely different way, from a different context and motive. And in an amazing way, drawing and penetrating, at the end of the lesson I felt changes in my body; with the help of Mark’s sensitive guidance and guidance, I managed to realize and change my patterns and ideas about self-perception and self-awareness and become closer to myself, as well as resolve my request and finally hug that walled up princess of yours.

I really liked how Marka carefully and involvedly led each of the participants and what the transformations of each of the participants were - this is something that could be felt and seen. To the wonderful Marka, Master and wonderful generous woman, many thanks for the techniques and the contribution that I received during the meeting!
I wish you all the best and new creative discoveries, Marka!!!" ⚘🦋⚘
15 sessions, 1 time per week, 2 hours
Release suppressed emotions
This program is for you if
  • 1
    You want to accept yourself
    You want to truly love yourself and, finally, feel inner peace. You want to feel the harmony between the outside and the inside. Find your natural personality.
  • 2
    You are tired of internal conflicts
    You are constantly in fight or flights mode. You strive to live up to ideals, but it's exhausting. You cannot look at yourself in the mirror. It evokes horror, disgust, hatred. The reason may be weight, bodily features, shape and size of certain parts of the body, skin imperfections. Or you cannot formulate the reason, it is just anxiety.
  • 3
    You want to accept the characteristics of the body.
    You want to free yourself from childhood traumas and understand your body in a new way. Features of the skin, shape of body parts, lack of hair, congenital absence of any body parts, burns, scars, amputations. During the recovery period after surgery, you need to get used to your new body.
  • 4
    You have no feelings and no strength
    It's hard for you to describe how you feel. Apathy. Feeling worthless and lost. In my head there are thoughts "I am not of this world .." Emptiness. You don't feel the strength to do something.
  • 5
    You have no desires
    You don't know what you really want. It is difficult for you to make a choice; you very rarely experience intense joy or happiness. Strong positive emotions stress you.
  • 6
    You feel that you have no body or the body is not yours
    You do not feel your body, or you feel that this body is not yours, that you are outside of it, you look at yourself from the outside.
  • 7
    There's a mask on your face
    The face does not express your true feelings. You want to be natural, spontaneous, develop natural charisma, but you feel as if you are in a case or behind glass.
  • 8
    You hurt yourself
    You notice that you are punishing yourself on purpose. You harm yourself knowingly or accidentally. The harm can be at the physical level or psychological, social. You put yourself in unbearable conditions. You avoid the good.
  • 9
    You live by the scenario
    You see that in your life the scenarios of your mother, grandmother or other relatives are repeated. Your life is not by your rules.
  • 10
    You can't say NO
    You have a problem verbally expressing your feelings and needs. Words get stuck in the throat, you often feel a "lump" there. You cannot defend yourself or defend your position. You feel the fear of rejection, you fear the judgment.
  • 11
    You are not sure of yourself
    You don't feel worthy. You are easily confused. You are constantly in doubt.
  • 12
    You don't feel personal boundaries
    You enter into a destructive relationship in which you lose yourself, you lose your personal space. You are bored and scared to be alone.
Why women choose this course?
  • Self acceptance, scars and another uniqness
  • Heal psychosomatics, understand the causes of your illness. (Psychological infertility, psoriasis, dermatitis, allergies, etc.)
  • Develop body awareness
    find support within yourself, strengthen personal boundaries.
  • Learn to say NO and express your emotions. Boost self-confidence.
Сontact me in any convenient way
Work on the topics of the course
is combined with your independent work.
Every day you turn to your body and
study its landscapes.

What are you doing in the process?

Taking pictures of yourself and / or filming
you draw, you make collages, you meditate. We discuss the results in sessions, transform, change attitudes and much more.
Using an integrated approach allows you to quickly access your feelings and sensations, as well as transform them, free yourself from interfering attitudes, transform resistance and find a common language with the Inner Critic. In each session, we spend time reviewing homework and then move on to a new topic.

(You can see examples of art products that arise in the work below in the gallery)
breast self love body positivity female art therapy
Accept your breast
Emotional blockes. body tension, stress release, anti stress, burn out. suppresed emotions, safely embodied
The back. Before and after
belly, solar plexus, art therapy
Belly area
somatic space in art therapy, body scan, inner symbols
Somatic space feelings
body diversity, hands, self love, accept your body, art therapy,
Accept your body uniqueness
female traumas, female healing, womb, uterus, inner woman, vagina art,
Various images of the female healing process
anorexia nervisa, eating disorders
Client with a stress eating
Recovery after a breast cancer
Recovery after a breast cancer
Release emotional blockages in the neck area
Release emotional blockages in the neck area
The path
The path
Shame, fear to be visible
I see me. I recognize. I am ready to be visible.
Accept your way of femininity
Accept your way of femininity
The integration of inner parts
The integration of inner parts
The back. Research process through movement
The back. Research process through movement
Inner discomfort
Inner discomfort
Conscious movement, video in therapy, body awareness
Conscious movement, video in therapy
self portrait art therapy
Full-length siluette
female trauma, psychological infertility, pregnancy preparation, female art therapy, pelvis area, shame, guilt
trauma in the womb area
thymus art therapy somatic
What will you get as a result of taking the course?
  • Connection with True Self
  • Feeling the physical boundaries of your body
  • Understanding your emotions and being able to express them sustainably
  • Increasing the sensitivity of the body and sensuality.
  • Development of intuition, self-confidence
  • Raising awareness in all areas of life
  • The feeling of inner freedom will increase
  • You will begin to say No more easily and declare your needs.
  • The degree of acceptance of yourself for who you are will increase. You will become more loyal to "imperfections"
  • You will become more energetic.
  • Anxiety will decrease and sleep will improve.
  • Dependence on other people's opinions and the tendency to constantly compare will decrease. Non-judgmental perception will begin to develop.
What will you get as a result of taking the course?
  • Connection with True Self
  • Feeling the physical boundaries of your body
  • Understanding your emotions and being able to express them sustainably
  • Increasing the sensitivity of the body and sensuality.
  • Development of intuition, self-confidence
  • Raising awareness in all areas of life
  • The feeling of inner freedom will increase
  • You will begin to say No more easily and declare your needs.
  • The degree of acceptance of yourself for who you are will increase. You will become more loyal to "imperfections"
  • You will become more energetic.
  • Anxiety will decrease and sleep will improve.
  • Dependence on other people's opinions and the tendency to constantly compare will decrease. Non-judgmental perception will begin to develop.
Effectiveness depends on your self daily work, the implementation of all my recommendations, as well as your individual pace at which you can assimilate the changes!

Dive deeper into your somatic space and explore!
15 sessions (2 hours)
  • introductory meeting without payment (clarification of the request)
  • pdf workbook 96 pages for self-analysis
  • guided meditations each session
  • extra art practices and body practices
  • bilateral drawing, EFT.
  • support in the transformation of images, drawings, overcoming self-sabotage,
  • recordings (if online) to repeat a meditation throughout the course.
  • confidential process with contract.
€200 (incl. btw 21%)
per session
15 sessions (2 hours)
One time payment
  • introductory meeting without payment (clarification of the request)
  • pdf workbook 96 pages for self-analysis
  • guided meditations each session
  • extra art practices and body practices
  • bilateral drawing, EFT.
  • support in the transformation of images, drawings, overcoming self-sabotage,
  • recordings (if online) to repeat a meditation throughout the course.
  • confidential process with contract.
€2250 (incl. btw 21%)
Reiki distance support
  • remote work in cases where the client needs it. Reiki energy is very soft, relaxing and supportive, it harmonizes the process and accelerates healing.

more about that
€30 (incl. btw 21%)
  • Marka Kondrateva
    Body-oriented art therapist, phototherapist, practical psychologist
    Professional photographer, Reiki Level 2, lecturer at the International School of Art Therapy.
    I work online and in person in Amsterdam. I support a group for Ukrainian women at De Regenboog Group

    For many years I have been helping women find a way to themselves and their bodies, gain faith in themselves and their strengths, start new projects, increase their income several times, move to the country of their dreams, achieve pregnancy naturally, help in healing women’s diseases, get out of family scenarios.

    All work takes place in an environmentally friendly way, through working with the right hemisphere, connecting all the forces of our body to solving the problem, bringing the mind and heart to agreement. In the course of working with the female body, female traumas are also healed, the cycle is normalized, and PMS discomfort goes away or is reduced. The method of work is integrative, combining body-oriented art therapy, phototherapy, bilateral drawing, conscious movement, meditation and mindfulness practices.

    Supervision with A.I. Kopytin. Personal therapy within the framework of depth, transpersonal psychology and regression.
    Internships at the Psychoneurological Dispensary No. 5 (St. Petersburg), University of Szeged (Hungary)

The body is the instrument through which you can influence your life. It is a source of energy, generating joy and happiness, providing a foundation and grounding in a chaotic world.

Your body is your closest friend, partner, and ally. By building a positive relationship with it, your personal effectiveness will significantly increase.

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