Marka Kondrateva
Art Therapist, phototherapist, professional photographer, lead the project for De Regenboog Teacher International school of Art Therapy
Online ZOOM + in Amsterdam

I embarked on my journey as an art therapist over a decade ago, overcoming personal challenges such as alexithymia, severe allergies, polycystic disease, eating disorders, and body dysphoria. Through resilience and dedication, I realized my dream of relocating to a country I deeply desired. Drawing from a diverse array of life experiences and specialized training, my professional approach embodies an integrative methodology.

Employing techniques such as somatic art therapy, bilateral drawing, and phototherapy (utilizing photography in psychological counseling), I seamlessly blend Mindfulness practices, visualization, and conscious movement into my sessions. This integrative approach extends to incorporating clients' existing practices such as yoga, dance, qigong, and massage, recognizing the multidimensional nature of individuals and the necessity for holistic healing encompassing body, spirit, mind, and heart.

In my role, I assist budding art and phototherapists in launching their practices, sharing my unique approach and guiding them in interpreting and utilizing drawings while actively engaging their bodies as therapeutic instruments during sessions.

For those embarking on their journey and unfamiliar with this path, I draw parallels to the innate wisdom of the body, likening it to the autonomic process of respiration. I emphasize that individuals possess inherent experience, skills, and knowledge, capable of creative expression. By facilitating the unveiling of suppressed elements and revealing hidden truths, we alleviate bodily burdens and illuminate unseen aspects.

My practice focuses on pivotal themes such as cultivating self-worth and independence, navigating intrapersonal conflicts, managing burnout and stress, addressing anxiety, fostering emotional regulation, exploring issues of identity and adaptation in the context of immigration, nurturing trust in the body, understanding psychosomatic origins, healing wounded aspects of femininity, and addressing concerns related to weight management.

It's important to note that while I offer comprehensive support for individuals, my practice does not extend to working with families or children.

Photo Art Therapy

When you look at photographs of your body, you might notice projections and symbols. These can provide access to feelings and help revive memories that were previously isolated. Through drawing and therapeutic conversation, clients can gain access to somatic memories (according to Scaer) and traumatic memories stored in the right hemisphere.
PhotoTherapy, Video and Movement
During the self-confrontation process with regards to Body Image, the client is encouraged to view themselves as another person and observe their behavior from an outsider's perspective. By establishing a friendly relationship with this alternate self, the client can better understand their true self and values, and work towards overcoming old movement patterns that no longer serve them. This process allows the client to gain clarity about their reality and make changes that align with their authentic self.
Mindfulness and Somatic Art Therapy
During our sessions, clients safely connect with their bodies and explore physical sensations, emotions, and pain through body mapping. We train interoception and proprioception.
Session 1 hour
Deep work into the core of the problem. Transformative work and guided meditation.
€125 (incl. btw 21%)
Session 2 hours
More space for the transformative process, and art making.
€200 (incl. btw 21%)
Meditation and gestural drawing 50 min
Deep relaxation and emotional regulation,
non-verbal practices.

€ 70 (incl. btw 21%)
Reiki distance support
Reiki is a Universal energy that is very soft, relaxing and supportive, it harmonizes the process and accelerates healing. Duration 40 minutes.

more about that
€50 (incl. btw 21%)
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Phototherapy as reducing stress and anxiety tool. TV fragment.
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